Our Vision

Why Healthcare?

The fact is, we’re all patients. And in today’s rapidly-changing healthcare environment, patients simply don’t have the right tools to become participants in their own health journeys. Through our own experiences, as well as conversations with hundreds of patients and healthcare providers, we know that promoting a partnership between providers and patients results in better experiences, better outcomes and lower costs.

What’s in a Name?

For friends over 40, you’ll likely remember Marcus Welby, MD, an iconic television drama (one of the first medical dramas!) that chronicled the interactions of kind family physician, Dr. Welby. We embrace the spirit of the Welby character, who is empathetic, community-minded and wise. The creatives on staff also love word play. We want to create well being. We want our product to help people be well. Wellbe is also fun to say.

How Was Wellbe started?

Wellbe was founded in 2009 by James Dias, who has built a career in connecting the needs of real people to technologies that can improve their lives. “Looking at a fragmented healthcare system that can’t prioritize patient experience was startling. I knew we could find a better way to create value in acute care by introducing an easy-to-use digital solution to ‘bridge gaps’ and create smoother transitions in care.”

It wasn’t hard to build a team of innovative, passionate and experienced patient advocates to rally around this vision. Read more about our team below!

Our Leadership

James Dias, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

James Dias Photo1
James believes technology, when creatively applied, can improve our life experiences. Intrigued by the amazing potential for internet and mobile technology to engage us all, James created a business model to reshape personal health management. He is the co-inventor of the Guided CarePath and leads Wellbe’s innovations program to empower people and providers with new tools to improve health. James has launched several new businesses over his career including the Mediasite lecture recorder, the leading video learning appliance in companies and universities around the world.
  • Passion: Creativity
  • Craziest Idea: A GPS that anticipates what patients need on their journeys of care
  • Pet Peeve: Poor quality anything

Abraham Palmbach, President & Chief Operating Officer

Abe Palmbach
Abraham has focused his entire career on helping healthcare professionals better serve their patients through technology. As a founding member of Pharmacy OneSource, Abraham guided the technology and client services efforts to build one of healthcare’s early true multi-tenant SaaS companies starting in 2000, way before the term “Cloud” had today’s meaning. He’s proud to have been on the leading-edge of educating healthcare on the value of the SaaS model and excited to see the acceptance the “Cloud” is gaining today. The systems and teams he helped architect supported nearly 1,300 hospitals across multiple product lines and hospital departments.
  • Favorite Place: Our cabin on the lake
  • Passion: My family
  • Pet Peeve: Whiners..do something to make it better!

David Elderbrock, Chief Technology Officer

Dave Elderbrock
David has worked for more than 25 years as a technologist – successfully leading software projects for start-ups, big businesses, and educational institutions. He has deep experience developing highly interactive, data-driven web applications. David is the co-inventor of the Patient Guidance System. Prior to joining Wellbe, David worked in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley with Apple Computer, as well as Pacific Bell, Siemens, Barclays Global Investors and Citibank: developing applications for training, information management and employee communications.
  • Craziest Idea: Moving to a farm (crazy in a good way)
  • Favorite Snack Food: Frozen blueberries
  • Passion: 19th century American literature

Wellbe Service

always smiling

Wellbe Developers

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Wellbe Culture

values creativity

Wellbe Leadership

drives success

Our Team

Susan Blakely, Director of CarePath Solutions

Susan is passionate about healthcare.  She learned early on the basic fundamental if you effect the quality of care you can effect the cost of care. Mentored by Dr. Christopher Heller, a healthcare visionary responsible for designing healthcare’s first tool focused on collecting and analyzing clinical versus financial data to improve the efficiency of health systems in preparation for pay-for-performance, she has been on fire since 2001 educating the C-suite on preparing for pay-for-performance and healthcare’s emerging payment models. At Wellbe, Susan plans to continue sharing lessons learned and best practices around patient engagement from national thought leaders creating centers of excellence.

  • Rockstar Moment: Graduating from UGA after working my way through college
  • Favorite Snack Food & Drink: Goldfish crackers and Coca-Cola
  • Craziest Idea: Remodeling two historical homes at the same time

Brendan Buckingham, Web Application Developer

BrendanBrendan is part of the development team at Wellbe, working on building and maintaining code that powers patient CarePaths. He has been writing code to solve business problems for the past seven years. Before joining Wellbe, he was a real estate analyst for big box retailers such as Dick’s Sporting Goods and Kohl’s. While an interest in research and GIS initially led him to that field, he found his true calling was solving problems with code.  He especially enjoys coding in Ruby.


  • Rockstar Moment: Using Ruby to parse millions of rows of POS data into 1.4K files in under an hour, a manual process that used to take hours!
  • Favorite Snack Food & Drink: Hummus & Kombucha
  • Passion: Spending time with my wife and kids

Cody Cry, Customer Success Advisor

As a Customer Success Advisor, Cody helps large healthcare organizations implement Wellbe’s products and provide ongoing support. Cody has spent his career in the healthcare industry working for Epic Systems Corporation and many large healthcare organizations in Eastern Massachusetts. He joined Wellbe looking to use his implementation skill set in a fast-paced environment to help drive customer success. Cody is a Madison native and graduate of the University of Wisconsin. Go Badgers!


  • Favorite Snack Food & Drink: A Big Gulp and SweeTarts on a hot summer day
  • Guilty TV Pleasure: Learning life lessons from Danny Tanner on Full House
  • Favorite Place: Watching the sunset in Santorini, Greece with my wife

Lucas Dailey, Senior User Experience Designer

LucasLucas has spent his career joining behavioral psychology and design to make the world with which people interact more enjoyable, helpful and healthful. As Senior UX Designer, he makes Wellbe’s incredibly complex products useful, intuitive, and simple. Lucas is fascinated by the different ways our minds work and enjoys reading the latest in neuropsychology and behavioral psychology. Prior to working for Wellbe, Lucas led the design of three political social networks, building tools for average citizens to better interact with their representatives. He began his career focusing on high design in architecture.
  • Passion: Designing and shaping systems and institutions to address people’s needs. I want to help design the world for real people.
  • Craziest Idea: I have a patent being reviewed for an argumentation system, which is where a group of earnest, intelligent people could prove themselves wrong!
  • Favorite Place: It’s cliché, but Tuscany. For me walking though the layers of history of western civilization mixed with farmland, villas, and hill towns are unmatched for day dreaming.

Vicki Gentz, Customer Success Advisor

Vicki3Vicki is driven by a passion for making a direct, positive impact on customers and patients. As Customer Success Advisor, Vicki guides hospital care teams through the implementation process to design CarePaths that result in engaged, well-prepared patients having the best possible surgical experiences. After implementation, she maintains an ongoing relationship with our customers to ensure that they are getting the efficiency, value, and outcomes expected from the program. Vicki joined Wellbe after 13 years in the Human Resources and training field, eager to use her skills to have a more meaningful impact. She finds satisfaction in hearing stories about how Guided CarePaths are helping patients to feel more confident and prepared for surgery and recovery. Knowing she played a part in improving the patient’s experience is extremely rewarding.
  • Rockstar Moment: Completing my first 1/2 marathon less than a year after starting to run
  • Creative Inspiration: Sugar. I love to decorate cakes and cookies
  • Passion: Family and friends and all the good things in life.

Tiffany Green, Front End Developer

Tiffany has worked in technology and the web since the mid 1990s, back in the days when putting one graphic on a page pushed the boundaries of reasonable load times. She started programming in Basic during elementary school but didn’t seriously consider it as a career until after obtaining a degree in anthropology and taking a brief foray into auto mechanics. She was hooked when she took a career workshop, decided the sample program they gave students to try was boring, rewrote it without knowing the language, and ended up spectacularly crashing the computer. Much of her career has been spent working at non-profits, and she’s excited about the pro-patient changes that Wellbe is bringing to health care. At Wellbe, she works to keep the HTML, CSS, JavaScript looking pixel perfect, and she dabbles in the back end as well. In her spare time, she’s an avid baker and cook, loves to read horror novels, and enjoys playing with her goofy dogs.
  • Creative Inspiration: My motto is “There is always a way.”
  • My alter ego is: The Flash. Forget invisibility or flight, I want to figure out how to be in two places at once.
  • Favorite snack food & drink: Scooping ice cream with Wheat Thins

Ben Kojis, Customer Success Advisor

Ben-As a Customer Success Advisor, Ben helps large healthcare organizations implement Wellbe’s products and provide ongoing success support. Internally, he also contributes to the product development process to ensure that our software platform remains a cutting edge tool for patients, providers, and those involved in the patient’s care. Previously, Ben worked for large healthcare organizations such as Agrace HospiceCare and Epic Systems Corporation, the largest EHR provider. However, he chose to work at Wellbe because he could make an immediate impact in this young, forward-thinking organization and because the company values work/life balance and employs intelligent, driven colleagues.
  • Favorite Place: The Memorial Union Terrace in Madison
  • Passion: Traveling and seeing the world
  • Pet Peeve: Lack of punctuality. And wet socks.

Matt Lins, Web Application Developer

MattMatt’s first computer was an IBM XT 8088 that his father bought for the family when he was five years old. His first “programming” experience was changing the prompt to a Bart Simpson caricature with the help of articles in PC Magazine. In high school, he converted board games to QBasic programs as class projects. After a brief hiatus from programming, Matt knew he wanted to make it a career. He went back to school and then began programming professionally in Ruby. He’s used Ruby in a variety of environments, including e-commerce, government and health care. At Wellbe, Matt is senior developer and enjoys solving tough backend and architecture problems. When he’s not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, brewing beer and playing with new tech.
  • Favorite Place: My balcony
  • Creative Inspiration: Beer
  • Passion: Programming/Tech

Katie Boyd McGlenn, Director of Innovation Research

Katie is passionate about advocating for people, challenging assumptions, and working with multidisciplinary teams to make meaningful things and experiences. She’s lead design thinking programs and discovery research from exploring “compelling experiences” to improving exam room experiences, from investigating the future of mobile advertising to creating empathetic pharmaceutical ‘on boarding’ that improves chronic care management.  She’s even worked with teams to figure out how to make chicken packaging less gross. Katie started her career at Doblin Group (now Deloitte) learning early that ethnographic research inspires powerful business innovation. She gained a deeper understanding of corporate challenges while heading up consumer research for Newell Rubbermaid divisions. After ten years of successful freelancing researching people in crisis (they’re not just ‘patients’), physicians, policy experts, insurers, families, kids, caregivers, trends, culture… she’s excited to spur on Wellbe’s passion to make hard and scary times better for all the people involved.

  • Guilty TV pleasure: Top Chef – quick fire anyone?
  • Creative inspiration: kids, being outside, trash, sounds, smells, ranting neighborhood listservs, chocolate, traveling, reading smart stuff, sketching ideas…
  • I’m passionate about: improving experiences not just things; give a kid an apple and no time to eat it and you’ve created food waste not a healthy lunch

Maeghan Nicholson, Director of Marketing

MaeghanMaeghan has 10 years of marketing experience in the healthcare IT industry with leading companies like Pharmacy OneSource and Healthgrades. Armed with a background in science, journalism and the web, she executes a content-based marketing strategy to connect with hospital audiences using relevant information aligned with Wellbe’s offerings. Maeghan received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Life Sciences Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has published freelance articles in the Wisconsin State Journal as well as local and national trade magazines.
  • Rockstar Moment: Seat-filling for Britney Spears at the American Music Awards
  • Passion: Writing that relates to real life
  • Guilty TV Pleasure: The Bachelor/Bachelorette

Erika O’Donohoe, Director of Customer Success

erikaErika is the quintessential scrappy startup tribe-mate that loves to bob and weave with businesses as they mature. She has over a dozen years working with Healthcare startups, and her primary passion is guiding customers through the jungle of implementing new systems in their organizations. Most recently, Erika spent the past 4 years plowing through the new territory of mobile health technology at Propeller Health. Erika is a Madison native and has both her undergraduate and MBA from the University of Wisconsin.

  • Favorite Place: Any place where I can get a good glass of wine (good being optional) and have a great conversation.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: Indecision
  • My alter ego is: Jean Jan – this is my version of myself who lives in a van down by the river.

Rani Sivesind, Team Administrator

As the Team Administrator Rani’s mission is to help ensure our company and team runs smoothly and effectively by providing administrative and project support to the Wellbe team and executives. Additionally, she will also provide Customer Service to our clients and their patients and assist our Customer Success Advisors with their client projects. Prior to joining Wellbe, Rani worked at Wisconsin Business Development (WBD) for almost five years. WBD is a non-profit financial institution assisting small businesses to grow and expand. Rani graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Consumer Science and minor in Business.
  • Favorite Place: New Zealand
  • I’m Passionate About… Family, friends, and experiencing new things.
  • Craziest Idea: Bungee jumping off the world’s highest bungee jump (233m / 764ft high) in Macau, China.

Debra Voss, Director of Alliances

Deb is a 20-year veteran in healthcare with the broad range of business development skills and management experiences necessary to create and cultivate advantageous partner relationships. She was most recently at Healthgrades where she served as a senior executive within Solutions Consulting creating and executing strategy for revenue and retention. Deb also has health plan administration experience focused on quality improvement and member education and engagement programming.
  • Rock Star Moment: Met Mitch Albom while living in SE MI. He signed my “Tuesday’s with Morrie” book.
  • Favorite Place: Kitchen table with a home-cooked meal (husband is our chef) and all 3 daughters home to share the experience.
  • Favorite Snack Food: My guilty pleasure – potato chips and french onion dip

Meaghan Watson, Customer Success Advisor

Meaghan is inspired by healthcare innovation and the ways technology can make a positive impact on the outcomes of patient care. As a Customer Success Advisor at Wellbe, she helps large healthcare organizations implement the Wellbe solution helping patients better engage and play a more significant role throughout their episode of care. Previously, Meaghan worked for Propeller Health as an Account Manager implementing their mobile platform for respiratory health. Meaghan graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.S. in Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: People running on State Street – “Must you run on the sidewalk when there is an entire street available to you that no one can drive on?”
  • Guilty TV Pleasure: Animal Planet’s Monsters Inside Me – furthering my hypochondriac ways
  • Favorite Place: Pine Lake Island

Coral Weigel, QA Analyst

Coral focuses on testing and ensuring quality in the software. She’s enthusiastic about usability and intuitive screens. She’s interested in implementing and improving processes as well as helping shape the future of Wellbe. She loves coordinating projects and managing groups that focus on heightened quality and enhances efficiency. Before Wellbe, she spent three years in Quality Assurance at an EHR software company. She graduated with a BA in Psychology from UW-Madison.
  • Favorite Place: anywhere with a lot of trees (hiking trails and camp grounds are a bonus)
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: People who have longer legs, but walk slower than me while I’m trying to pass them on the sidewalk
  • Craziest Idea: To be the assistant for this amateur magician I know. I’m still waiting for him to call me.

Jacob Weihrauch, Director of CarePath Solutions

Jake has been active in healthcare for over 8 years. He came to Wellbe with a strong revenue cycle background, understanding eligibility, claims and remit data. He gained an understanding of the relationship between a physician/hospital and an insurance payer. Now, with Wellbe, he is leveraging these skills by working with hospitals and surgery groups to optimize care coordination, standardize care paths and help manage the risk taken on by doing bundled payments. He’s grateful to have the opportunity to work with the great team at Wellbe to continue to innovate healthcare processes for the greater good of the patients!
  • I’m Passionate About: Jesus and inner city/global missions.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: A messy car or vehicle. As a frequent traveler, the vehicle becomes my second home and therefore it must be clean.
  • Craziest Idea: Jumping into healthcare fresh out of school with absolutely no experience. It has been a wild and fruitful ride that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

David Yoerger, Vice President of Health System Solutions

David is a sales executive with more than 22 years of experience working with both proven and emerging healthcare companies, including Pharmacy OneSource and B Braun Medical. As VP of Health System Solutions, David is responsible for identifying marketplace opportunities, engaging clients in value-centered conversations, and developing solution proposals. He has a history of building and maintaining strong relationships with executives at major healthcare organizations. He enjoys taking a sales leadership role by identifying and mentoring talented teammates and consistently overachieving sales forecasts.
  • Favorite place: Sunriver, Oregon
  • Guilty TV Pleasure: Sons of Anarchy
  • Favorite Snack & Drink: Chicken wings and Mountain Dew

Our Advisors

Greg Baldwin, Board Member

GregBaldwin-150x150Mr. Baldwin was most recently Chairman and CEO of Baxa Corporation, a leader in devices, systems and software for the handling, packaging and tracking of fluid medications in a critical care setting. Under his leadership from 1997 until its sale to Baxter Corporation in 2011, the company sales grew from $25 million to over $170 million. As CEO, he led the eight-member board of directors and led a minority recap resulting in Goldman Sach’s private equity group owning 27% of the company. He was also an early investor and lead director in Pharmacy OneSource, an innovative software-as-a-service business that had a successful exit in 2010. Prior to being CEO of Baxa, Mr. Baldwin spent fourteen years in Sales and Marketing roles for Baxa, Sprint, and PictureTel. He has an MBA from Boston University.

David A. Fisher, MD

Dr. Fisher is a practicing orthopaedic surgeon from Indianapolis. He has more than 28 years of experience and annually performs more than 500 total joint replacement procedures. Dr. Fisher is devoted to providing the best possible service to his patients and has maintained a massive outcomes data repository throughout his career. His dedication to outcomes collection and analysis has led to prominent roles such as: Director of the Total Joint Service at Methodist Hospital, Director of the Total Joint Center at the Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital, Past-President of OrthoIndy, and serving as a consultant/designer/advisor for several orthopaedic manufacturers and healthcare organizations.


Jeffery Masciopinto, MD


Dr. Masciopinto is a practicing neurosurgeon with a focus on spine care.  He has 16 years of experience in single specialty and large multi-specialty group practices.  Jeff has been integral in developing a multi-specialty spine center within his current large group practice.  The focus of the spine center is to provide efficiencies and best practice implementation throughout the continuum of care for spine disease.  The goals are to maximize patient and provider satisfaction as well as provide cost savings, and to collect data to allow for economic and quality outcome analysis.

Scott Springman, MD

Scott-SpringmanDr. Springman is a practicing anesthesiologist and has 30 years experience in both academic and private practice medicine. He strongly believes that focusing on the entire procedural experience for patients will help both patients and healthcare personnel go beyond the basics of effective medical care. Scott’s work in implementing electronic medical records and developing pre-procedure medical guidelines gives him a unique insight into the entire process.