The Hospital’s Dilemma – Accountability without Control


95% of the Patient Journey is Outside of the Hospital

When effectively executed, new value-based models of care can achieve the triple aim – high quality, reduced costs and great patient experiences. Early adopters see opportunities to improve financials, increase market share and reduce risk by making the shift, but are struggling with a lack of tools and data to manage the entire continuum of care.

With “bundled” reimbursement, for example, hospitals have been charged with accountability for the entire end-to-end episode of care, but only have the means to affect the limited portion of the patient journey that happens in their inpatient environment. These new demands of accountable care require pathways across fragmented episodes that offer better insights and control. To coordinate the care across silos, you’ve got to bring the patient and the team together with the right “connected” solution.

The New Strategy – Leverage Patient CarePaths for Insight and Control

Patient-Centered Solutions for the Whole Care Continuum

Imagine if you could coordinate your care management and patient touch points beyond your hospital walls. Your patients could experience their care as a single, streamlined journey in partnership with their care team.

Imagine if you could reduce risks associated with poor patient compliance and readmissions. You could control and have visibility of 100% of the episode of care with real-time data and feedback continuously provided to improve your programs and help you make the best decisions moving forward.

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The Novel Solution – Integrated Care Delivery

Specifically designed for patients around their episodes of care, Wellbe delivers the tools you need to move from fragmented silos of care to value-driven service lines. Wellbe’s solution includes:

Guided Patient Journeys for Better Engagement

Easy-to-follow Connected CarePaths are designed around your facility’s existing clinical pathways to help your patients on their journeys to better health.

Coordinated Care with Connected Teams

Each member of the care team can leverage CarePath Automation to help them complete their “to-do’s” while ensuring collaboration on patient progress.

Real-Time Insights from Patient-Generated Data

On-demand reports give administrators the quick data they need to report on program performance.

The Visionary Providers – Leaders Who Transformed Episodic Care


The Multiplier Effect – Noticeable Gains in Service Line Efficiency

Running a high-performance service line means maximizing your resources, eliminating risks and continuously driving for program excellence.

Self-Serve Care

Engaging patients in self-service care creates a “force multiplier” for your patient coordinators, allowing them to focus on patients that need more help.

Leading Indicators

Caseloads are automatically prioritized for nurse navigators, identifying those patients who are most at risk for non-compliance that need intervention now.

Standardize for Success

Personal, but standardized care plan action items are delivered to patients at the right time in the episode, and nurses are notified when patients go “off track.”

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The Patient Results – Impacting Engagement and Improving Metrics





“This is the way to go. It basically walks you thru the entire process.”
“I was very impressed with this tool. The layout was easy to use and follow.”
“I can’t imagine going through surgery without having this to guide me. It took away a lot of apprehension about my upcoming surgery.”
“This is a very good tool, it is very informative . I give it a 5-star rating.”

The Big Bonus – Patient Loyalty for Profitable Progams

High Patient Satisfaction

The consumerization of healthcare has led to higher patient expectations in terms of convenience, collaboration with providers, and access to information. In accountable care, the patient experience and measures of patient satisfaction matter more than ever to your bottom line.

You can be the industry benchmark for outstanding patient satisfaction. Patients whose experiences match their expectations are more satisfied, which can translate into better HCAHPS scores for your hospital and differentiation in competitive markets. Guiding patients through their healthcare journey also reduces their anxiety and helps to keep them on track for successful outcomes.

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